What can I get a criminal penalty for?
Most likely you won't be imprisoned for making a graffiti or for sticker bombing, but you can get a fine or some community service, only sometimes you can get arrested. The only difference between state property and private property damage is the fine amount.

If the graffiti or the sticker contains materials that incite hatred towards various social groups, then the punishment will be more severe and you can easily go to jail.
2009, GIRAFA, San Francisco
A fine of 38 thousand dollars and three years of probation — that kind of punishment was imposed. The artist painted giraffes to draw attention to the mistreatment of animals in the zoos.
2008, DPM, London
Police have been following the team for over two years since 2004 to file huge charges. Four members of the team got 18 months in prison, one of them got two years, three of the rest got suspended sentences.
2007, MFONE, Pittsburgh
When the artist was finally caught, he had a camera with some photographs and videos of his works. He was also credited with someone else's tags due to the similarity of some letters. MFONE received a fine of 234 thousand dollars, 2.5 thousand hours of correctional labor and from 2.5 to 5 years in prison (the exact number is unknown).
co-author: Vera Tarasova
illustrator: Dasha Makovkina
translator: Vera Tarasova
Corrector: Diana Los

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