How to cook ceshew cheese?

Soak 200g of ceshew nuts in warm boiled water for a night. Drain the water in the morning. Then you need to grind nuts in a blender, add three tbsp. of nutritional yeast, 2 tbsp. of turmeric, 1 tbsp. of salt. Also you can add some other spice to your liking.

It is better to buy ceshew nuts at the market or in small local grocery stores because they're overpriced in supermarkets.
How to cook a corn cutlet?

Buy ingredients:

1. Canned corn - 2 cans (800gr)
2. Coconut milk - 100g
3. Oatmeal - 50g
4. Flour - 100 gr
5. Starch - 2 tbsp
6. Nutrition (inactive nutritional yeast) - 5 tbsp
7. Spices (you can add onion, garlic, herbs, salt / pepper, fresh herbs)

Nutrition is still hard to find in regular supermarkets, so go to a vegan grocery store or order it on iHerb and wait for delivery.

This is enough for 5-6 burgers.
First you need to grind the corn in a blender. You can use a hand mixer and combine everything in a large bowl or you can use a blender. Do not forget to drain the water from the can of corn at the beginning of cooking - you don't need it.
Then add coconut milk, oatmeal and nutrition. Mix everything again.
Then add the flour and starch, then mix it. It remains only to sprinkle with herbs and spices to your taste.

The base for the cutlets should be neither too thick nor too thin. You can't roll a ball but it shouldn't spread everywhere.

Fry the cutlets on a pan with sunflower or coconut oil on medium heat.

Firstly, try to fry one cutlet to see if the base is good. If you can't form a cutlet and everything spreads, add a little more flour and starch. If the shape holds and flips easily, then you're about to taste the perfect burger very soon.
If you are too lazy to do cutlets all by yourself, buy a ready-made mix for vegetable cutlets, sold in every supermarket. Then cooking will take 15 minutes.
To make the burger especially tasty, collect it on a slightly preheated pan (no oil!). Put the buns on the pan and gradually collect it. This will warm it up and make it much tastier!
co-author: Vera Tarasova
illustrator: Dasha Makovkina
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