The fabric will get wet, the feet will freeze, and the sneakers will be ruined in a month!

Most brands have winter sneakers, so you can still be a boot hater without getting sick.
The life of your shoes directly depends on what you step in. Toxic mud is lava!
Proper storage is just as important as neat wearing. Keep your sneakers clean and dry. It's good to carefully fill them with paper or insert special spacers so they won't deform.
Sir, lift a spoon for Mom, Dad and shoe longevity! This simple tool costs almost nothing and saves the back of your sneakers from premature cracks, creases and holes.
Say no to gasoline, kerosene, vinegar... even if these methods really help. It's not worth it. Think about the stink that you get as a bonus.

It's better to try and stop using regular soap, washing powder and soda. The result is unpredictable and there are lots of scary stories about sneakers being screwed up this way. The only thing that the sneaker specialists and our grannies agree on is that nail polish remover is still the best way to bring back the whiteness of a light colored sole for a minimal price.
Hey, Chain! What should I avoid for sure?
1. To wash your sneakers in the washing machine. It seems to be the simplest rule of thumb, but shaking your shoes up can negatively affect leather, suede and nubuck. Excessive moisture and improperly selected temperature can also deteriorate fabric.

2. To dry shoes with a hairdryer, on a radiator, or in the oven. Humanity invented electric shoe dryers long time ago.
What professional methods and their time-tested common alternatives do you recommend?
1. Impregnation. A fresh pair of shoes should be treated with a special agent against moisture and dirt. It is important to read the instructions carefully , because there are different types of impregnation for different materials.

2. Washing. It's best to wash dirty shoes as soon as you come home so that the dirt does not get absorbed. We recommend that you clean suede in a dry state. Leather and fabric can be cleaned with sponges, special napkins and brushes.
Author: Vera Tarasova
illustrator: Dasha Makovkina
translator: Vera Tarasova
Corrector: Diana Los
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